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    REALTORS® of the Chilliwack and District Real Estate Board (CADREB) live, work, and play in their community and because they care about their communities they believe in and support the Quality of Life principles. It is important to them that their community is strong and vital, as communities that are involved are more appealing and effective making them more desirable to live in.

    Quality of Life is an approach CADREB has adopted to demonstrate the commitment of the real estate profession to improve Quality of Life throughout the Chilliwack and surrounding area. REALTORS® have always been active in their communities and Quality of Life ensures CADREB reflects that work.

    The BC Real Estate Association has developed the Quality of Life philosophy and works province wide on behalf of BC REALTORS® and their communities.

    • Ensuring economic vitality
    • Preserving the environment
    • Protecting property owners
    • Building better communities
    • Providing housing opportunities

    About Quality of Life

    The real estate profession is committed to improving Quality of Life by supporting growth that encourages economic vitality, provides housing opportunities and builds communities with good schools and safe neighbourhoods.

    Ensuring economic vitality

    REALTORS® believe a strong economy with full employment for British Columbians remains the single biggest key to our quality of life. A healthy economy sustains vibrant communities for living and working. Commercial, industrial and residential growth, in turn, sustains a healthy economy.

    Economic development brings new opportunity and improved quality of life for city residents by increasing jobs, tax base, purchasing power, diversity, availability of goods and services and offering community revitalization and improvement. An increased tax base is crucial to government’s ability to deliver necessary public services, new amenities for neighbourhoods and maintain infrastructure to serve the needs of the community.

    Providing housing opportunities

    REALTORS® believe home ownership is the dream of most British Columbians and deserves a preferred place in our system of values. Home ownership contributes to community responsibility; civic, economic, business and employment stability; family security and well being.

    Every British Columbian has the right to safe, decent and affordable housing near where they work, shop and play and that choice in style and location is critical to increasing home ownership. Furthermore, these objectives should be met through market-driven approaches that foster a wide range of urban, suburban and rural housing choices at all price levels. Accommodating growth relieves pressure on housing prices and provides increased opportunities for home ownership.

    Preserving our environment

    REALTORS® recognize the incredible gift that BC’s natural environment offers. Furthermore, we recognize the importance of parks, open space and the environment to our quality of life and, therefore, the marketability of surrounding property. To maintain our quality of life and protect the environment, REALTORS® support policies that encourage conservation and wise use of natural resources.

    To protect the environment effectively, REALTORS® believe government must accommodate quality commercial, industrial and residential growth using innovative planning techniques. At the same time, the government must recognize the need for a healthy economy, the importance of local decision-making, private property rights and attainable homeownership opportunities.

    Protecting property owners

    REALTORS® believe private property rights are fundamental to our free-market economic system. REALTORS® recognize and protect the natural right to own property. A strong economy depends upon preserving the right to freely own, use and transfer real property.

    Building better communities

    REALTORS® believe communities flourish best when they offer a high quality of life at a reasonable cost. Livable communities offer a variety of affordable housing choices, nearby employment opportunities, an economically viable commercial sector, good schools, safe neighbourhoods, quality public services, ample recreation and park areas, open space and efficient transportation systems.

    To promote livable communities, governments should encourage quality growth through policies that sufficiently fund transportation and infrastructure that provides the framework for a community’s quality of life and lays the essential groundwork for accommodating commercial, industrial and residential growth


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